Check your AGE (Age Calculator)

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Check your AGE :-Age Calculator
Check your AGE :-Age Calculator

Check your AGE :-Age Calculator

Usage Instructions

This calculator automatically grabs the current date from your computer or cell phone & asks you to enter your date of birth. After entering your birth day click on the submit button & it will automatically calculate your exact age

The Science of Aging: Different Life Stages and How to Prolong Your Life

Aging: a natural process every living organism goes through. For centuries, humans have been searching for the fountain of youth to reverse old age. However, up until the development of science and modern medicine, we knew very little about this phenomenon.

Check your AGE :-Age Calculator
Check your AGE :-Age Calculator

In fact, it wasn’t until 1903 when scientists pioneered Gerontology, which is the study of the aging process from middle age to late life. Gerontologists focus on understanding the physical, mental, and social changes that occur  Due to its multidisciplinary approach, gerontologists practice across different fields, including Biology, Genetics, Sociology, and Psychology.

Today, some of the world’s leading gerontologists,  and  believe that old age can be cured in the near future. They also regard old age as a disease. Though others in the scientific community may disagree, more people certainly want to live longer, healthier lives.

Thanks to dedicated experts, we now know a little bit more about the causes old age. And more importantly, how to potentially slow it down. So far, here’s what we know about growing old.

Genetic Therapy, the Future of Anti-Aging Treatment

To cure cellular damage and telomere shortening, scientists do advanced gene therapy research, which involves the addition of new genes to cells in order to replace malfunctioning genes and help correct genetic disorders.

An example of a biotech company that has done successful testing on telomere shortening is Bioviva USA. According to Bioviva CEO Elizabeth Parrish, gene therapy can prolong the lifespan of an old telomere by up to 20 years. Parrish notes:

Check your AGE :-Age Calculator
Check your AGE :-Age Calculator

Physical Changes in Boys

  • Between 9 ½ to 14 years old
  • Apparent growth of testicles
  • A year later, the penis becomes larger
  • Onset of pubic hair – 13 ½ years old
  • Experiencing wet dreams – 14 years old
  • Appearance of underarm hair – 15 years old
  • Appearance of facial hair
  • Voice change, becomes lower and fuller
  • Muscle development
  • May develop acne

Physical Changes in Girls

  • Between 8 to 13 years old
  • Apparent breast growth
  • Appearance of pubic hair
  • Appearance of underarm hair – around 12 years old
  • Onset of menstrual period – 10 to 16 ½ years old
  • Body shape changes – pronounced hips
  • May develop acne

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